Monday, August 04, 2003

And then there were none.

If I stumbled upon this journal in my daily ramblings, would I stop to read it? I have a high standard for other people's blogs, it would be such a shame if I did not have the same for myself. In order to maintain/acheive said standard I shall attempt to only publish things that would interest me, so: no snide comments about my friends, no random outbursts without accompanying information, and no updates just for the sake of updating.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

I think that it is more exhausting to be doing nothing than to be doing something. Case in point: I had no work today, and no engagements with any of my friends: I lounged around my house, loath to do more than read the sunday LA Times. Go club commenced at 6:00, and Viola! I was awake, chipper, and energetic once more. However, please do not confuse this with with me needing a social life. I am loath to be around people, and loath to have nothing schedualed. I have no self control, is what my main problem is, so cleaning the house, or washing laundry is a little beyond me.

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